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I've been hooked on books since childhood, and still am. I usually have at least three books going at any given time. After nearly two decades teaching middle school, I've developed strong opinions about YA fiction. A married mother of many adult children, and a practicing Catholic, my moral paradigms do play into my reviews.

First Post here

Who am I?  I'm a 50 something suburban wife and mother who never fit the mold --- and who never wanted to. I was that weird kid on the playground who laughed too loud and said strange things in class and liked writing papers.


My completely useless college degree is in cognitive psychology with an even more useless minor in piano performance.  I do still play the piano but found psychology too dreary to continue.  I love weird art, rich chocolate and Saturdays.


I generally read about a book a week, sometimes two, and I tend towards young adult fiction (because I am a middle school teacher, and I want to know what my students are soaking up in those spongy little brains of theirs) and sci-fi fantasy stuff for myself.   Narnia, Madeleine L'Engle,  and LoTR had a huge impact on my early years. I have a tendency to be intrigued with slightly dark materials (think Octavian Nothing, American Gods, or Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Unusual Children) but I avoid true horror books completely. BIG fan of a well done dystopian book:  but a hugely unkind reviewer of bad dystopias.


I have a literal handful (five) adult children and ten former foster children as well. I am ridiculously happy in my marriage and am --finally-- learning to cook.  I can be snarky but am usually pretty pleasant.  I was born a maker and am not really content unless I am either reading or making something, preferably involving wire and rusted metal bits and maybe some brightly colored silk and a bell. Or, as you see below, old books and old reading glasses, combined into new jewelry.




I do not spell well. Nor do I care.